It's not your fault you're getting fat!

You know those fabulously gorgeous ladies splattered all over Instagram and FaceBook who look like, eat like, train like, smile like, have hair like the The Tone it up Girls I am always amazed at their obvious and incredible discipline. Diet, Exercise, Hair, even Teeth Whitening! #respect 

It’s not as if I don’t have that “kind” of discipline, it’s just that it never seems to last for an entire, day, week, month! Honestly, when I wake up in the morning, I HAVE A PLAN!! I am going to start my morning with hot water and a whole lemon squeezed in it – this is a great first for your liver in the morning! Then, I am going for a run (not entirely what can be described as a run, my version of a run means mostly running a three mile loop with my dog Mattie zig zagging all over the sidewalk).
I’ve mapped out a plan that looks like one of the following; three Shakeology protein shakes each day this week, with or without added greens or a Keto plan, or an all Plant Based plan, depending on the latest book, documentary, or what “I know works for me” synopsis generated in my grey matter last night or immediately preceding lifting my head from my super soft pillow. I will drink copious amounts of water throughout the day. I’m going for a run in the morning and then will go to the gym for some weights with my husband after the end of the work day. This is my plan and I ask God to help me with the discipline.
I get up, squeeze that beautiful juicy lemon in the hot water from the tea kettle and today, I’m going to do this!! I open the blinds, let the sunshine in, put on a pair of leggings, a running bra and a t-shirt, even my running shoes. Then my husband gets up and says “honey, will you make me some breakfast”? or the phone rings (I’m a consultant), or someone at his office needs something from me. Pretty soon, it’s noon. No run yet, but I have only had the lemon water and my coffee. I make that protein shake and get back to work at my computer.
So far, I’ve had the protein shake, 4 kiwis and a handful of raw cashews. It’s 4;08pm and I’m apparently on the protein shake, keto nut, plant based kiwi diet!
The thing is I KNOW I can lose this 18 pounds I’ve gained and get back into amazing shape!! I know this because in spite of the well-intended comments from said sales lady at Nordstrom encouraging acceptance when I don’t want to buy a spectacular dress in THAT size “just go with is sweetie, you’ve arrived at that age” NO NO NO! I have not……okay chronologically, yes it is true. I am 53. But I have first-hand experience that tells me I CAN get back into amazing shape!
I’ve did a stint with Jenny Craig in my 40’s, hired a trainer, walked or ran the dog three miles after working out with the trainer and hardly lost any weight! Once my trainer referred to me as “full figured” so I didn’t speak to him for a month. (I still worked out with him, I just gave him dirty looks and didn’t speak).
When I met my husband, on our first date he told me about his fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. He was treating many of his female patients with bioidentical hormones. After the date I called my BFF for my “I wasn’t mugged or in a ditch after a date call”.  She is a huge fan of Suzanne Somers. When I told her about my date, she screamed into the phone “OMG! I hope he likes you, you better not blow it”!!! Okay, geeze I think there was mutual sparks, ok ok, settle down. He is really cute too.
Well, let’s just say our second date was a day trip to the coast the very next day! I was giddy! But also wishing I could go back in time and not eat every fattening thing I’d eaten in the last two years wanting desperately to hide my fourth decade (aka perimenopausal) weight gain. My periods had gotten weird, slow leak for 25 to 27 days a month, I was taking birth control pills if I went on vacation to stop the bleeding in addition to an IUD without understanding that it emitted Progestin, not Progesterone. Progestin is synthetic, can increase the risk of breast cancer, constricts coronary vessels, negates the protective effect of estrogen on heart arteries, not protective against osteoporosis, can cause fluid retention and edema, can cause depression, decreases glucose tolerance and bonus side effect….can cause weight gain!!!
Not long into this new relationship, I asked him about getting tested for BHRT. And of course, once I got on the bioidentical hormones, the right supplements and got after it at the gym, I alternated with some protein shakes, grilled chicken, veggies and lots of water along with keeping a running daily tally in my head of calories, carbs, protein and how many glasses of water I had drank, only this time I LOST WEIGHT, and got into pretty darn good shape!! So see, otherwise well-meaning lady at Nordstrom, I’ve addressed the underlying issue, it wasn’t my fault, and now I looked and felt wonderful! I’ll be back for that dress, partially because writing this is motivating me to close the computer and go to the gym…….oh wait, it’s now 4:36, that hungry awesome doctor who loves me will be home soon and want some dinner! Okay, I’ll go to the gym after dinner!
Love + Lunges, 
Suzette Campbell 


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