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Five things no woman wants to hear from a man:

 The female brain is quite logical. We know how things should be done, when they should be done and whose job it is to do so. This, is why there are so many jokes about “my mom was right after all”. “Try, try and try again, then do it the way your mom told you in the first place”.  We take pride in our organizational skills, our ability to run a household while raising kids, managing finances, shopping for healthy food, ordering pizza, finding all things important including lost socks, favorite hair accessories, phone chargers and the spicy mustard in the back, left corner of the fridge behind the milk and yogurt. Someday's I’ve felt like a Rockette in perfect sync; step kick, shuffle ball kick. Other days, I’ve felt like Lucielle Ball in a dance class ever going the opposite direction, bumping into the other dancers no matter how hard I try. Disjointed and in a fog, even the dog can’t decide if she wants to come and cuddle or if she should hide under the bed unt