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Do I need to take supplements?

Given the poor quality of our food, environmental toxins and the stresses of modern life, most of us need to supplement essential minerals, enzymes and vitamins for our bodies to function properly.   To complicate matters further, we don’t sleep enough, exercise enough, have too much stress and too much blue light. It’s no wonder our bodies become inflamed further increasing our nutritional needs. Obesity and type two diabetes are on the rise and often the result of a diet of primarily processed foods full of preservatives and lacking in nutrients. With a continual onslaught of advertisements touting us to “take this one thing” or to “stop eating tomatoes” and the like, it can be very confusing when trying to decide what supplements you should take. How are we to know what supplements we need? Should you listen to Dr. Google? Dr. Oz?, Marie Osmond, or how about Oprah? We have every intention to take excellent care of our bodies, eat right, exercise, drink enough water. B