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Menopause....what is happening to me?

“Ahem…. you have broccoli your teeth”, “yes right there…. wait, there is a little more” awkward but usually an appreciated gesture. More difficult is a woman to a man “your zipper is down” because then he might think…. she just looked there and that’s why she noticed…. I didn’t actually look there, but the shiny gold teeth on the zipper caught the light, I don’t want to have to explain myself so I’ll keep quiet on this one.  A similar feeling occurred when I was sitting across from a female family physician, she is about my age or a little younger. Probably not yet 50, she is using her wine menu as a fan and dabbing sweat from her forehead while unsticking her blouse from under her bra line to avoid a sweat stain. She seems unaware of the sweat droplets fast accumulating on the little hairs of her upper lip. If I took off my reading glasses, I might not be able to see this and could avoid this observation altogether. The broccoli question pops into my head… should I tell h